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  2011.12.30  11.22

lolita items for sale :)

i ship from ontario canada

my email is cayla.gallant@hotmail.com


  2011.12.30  10.52
sale again for anme items

see pic for prices.

i ship from ontario canada

my email of contact is cayla.gallant@hotmail.com


  2011.12.20  09.30
Sale MORE STUFF lowered prices


20$ new size m in guys

size 10 girls used 10$

new plush 12$ 24 inch obo


  2011.12.09  06.51
cheep lululemon, bench, guess and roxy


bamboo crops -new without tags. size 12 long-65$ asking with shipping

lululemon black shorts size 4-new without tags-wanting 40$


guess used top size large 10$


bench used hoodie size M asking 40$

bench new hoodie without tags size small asking 68$


Size large bench hoodie used asking 50


new without tags size large 12$ each or both for 20


  2011.12.04  10.23
Hollister and Fitch cheep

18 tops for 150$ or give an offer

shipping from canada

in a smoke free home. like new

all fit small

contact me at cayla.gallant@hotmail.com


  2011.12.04  10.08
Sales for anime, figures, clothing, manga, dvds and more

my first sale lots of anime items and some anime clothing

email for offers and Questions is cayla.gallant@hotmail.com

i ship from ontario canada. shipping is extra.

thank you


12$ no box

10$ no box

brand new 15$

9$ no box

brand new size small 20$

brand new 12$ 24inch

left new. 8$. right no box 20$

left mini figures. 5$ each
new dbz 20$
3 dbz figures 25 for all 3

brand new 25$

also selling

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen- the perfect collection 24 eps

ouran highschool host club manga english 1-9 for 70$ for all


  2011.12.04  09.45
Bucket list

Hello this is my first post

Have you ever wanted to do something so awesome or want to that its burning inside. Well there is an amazing thing called a bucket list where one writes down all the awesome things they wish to do before they die. I find these things awesome because it makes people less likely to sit around and morph into a fat potato J

So fellow viewers what is on your bucket list, what do you wish to do with your time J

What have you already completed

This is your mission now go !!

My bucket list (still adding)

Kneed to do

Go to anime north

Eat bacon all day

Jump of a building with a parachute

Collect 100 anime figures J

Hit 10,000 texts in a month…already got 6,500 a moth

Hug a panda

Tell Justin b its ok to be confused….he will be ha

Go to Japan

Caramel dance in the street


Go to a comic con

Eat ice-cream for breakfast

Shoot a target


Lasso a snake